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Supply Services Ensure that You Always Have the Packaging Solutions Your Business Needs


When your business’s success relies on the safe delivery of your products, it’s always important to have a strong supply of shipping and packaging solutions that meet its specific needs. At Aactus, we understand just how important it is to have all of the materials you need in stock.

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Industrial Packaging Suppliers That Connect You With Customized and Efficient Solutions


Whether you are having trouble finding supplies that meets your product’s needs, or can’t find a solution that’s within your budget, It can be a challenge to provide your company with the industrial packaging products it needs to succeed. Ready to connect your business with the solutions that meet your business needs, you can count on Aactus as your supplier of shipping and packaging supplies.

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Protect Workers From Impacts and Debris With Personal Protective Equipment


In any environment where workers could encounter hazards that could cause serious harm, it’s important to ensure that they are properly protected. Because of this, having an effective supply of personal protective equipment is a must. 

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Protect Workers During Hands on Work With Effective Safety Solutions


Whether it’s to manually adjust equipment, or simply to move an object, keeping your hands in good condition is critical for any hands on application. When you are looking for hand protection to fit a wide range of applications, you can count on Aactus to find the solution that best meets your business’s needs.

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Why Should You Choose Aactus for Your Packaging Supplies?


No matter what your business’s packaging needs are, it is important to ensure that you are working with a strong supply of shipping and packaging materials. Offering their services to help connect customers with the solutions they need, Aactus is ready to help you find the products you need to keep your business well supplied. 

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Supply Services That Connect Your Business With the Best Packaging Solutions


When you are looking to keep your business well supplied with the best industrial packaging materials, you need the help of professionals who can keep your business well stocked with reliable and affordable products from trusted brands. Helping connect businesses in Michigan with the equipment and tools that meet their specific needs for over 35 years, when you need help finding the best solutions for your business, you can count on the team at Aactus.

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Give Your Workers a Safe Workspace With PPE and Safety Solutions From Aactus


Equipping your workers with the personal protection and safety equipment they need to maintain a safe work environment is important in any industrial setting. Helping to minimize accidents, prevent injuries, and protect against potential hazards, personal protective equipment serves a significant role in maintaining the safety of your industrial space.

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Find the Best Packaging for your Products with Help from Aactus

Air cushions in a shipping package.

At Aactus, we understand how important it is to preserve your products during the shipping process. Providing your products with the packaging materials that help protect them from scratches, impacts, and more are all a necessity for ensuring that your customers are satisfied with their purchase. 

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Get Connected with the Solutions Your Business Needs with Help from Aactus

An Image of film wrap for packaging.

Keeping your business supplied with the materials and resources it needs can be a lot of work. Sourcing from different distributors and manufacturers can be a lot to handle and can complicate your business’s budget. 

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Find PPE and Safety Products that Help to Keep Industrial Spaces Safe


Keeping your workers safe should always take priority when operating in any industrial space. Not only will providing your workers with an environment free of known dangers help them stay safe and productive, but it will also help you follow worker safety laws for industrial environments. 

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Supply Services that Stay on Top of Your Business’s Shipping and Packaging Needs


At Aactus, we’re more than just a supplier of shipping and packaging products. If your business is looking for services that go above and beyond to meet your specific needs, then the team at Aactus is ready to help. Offering over 30 years of technical expertise, our team has extensive product knowledge and will help you to find the solutions that best suit your business’s needs. 

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Find the Best Shipping and Packaging Supplies for Your Business


If you’re running a business that needs shipping and packaging supplies, its important that you choose a supplier that fits your needs. Finding a supplier that offers the best shipping supplies for your company can be frustrating when there are so many choose from, and it can be easy to get lost trying to find a supplier that has the packaging and shipping supplies you need at the most affordable prices. 

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What is the Difference Between Dust Masks and Respirators?

Dust Masks

Using the right gear on the job is important for safe work, so the difference between dust masks and respirators is something to keep in mind depending on what kind of project you’re working on. Most jobs that require a dust mask or respirator on the job will let you know which you need and recommend the correct kind for safe work, but it is still good to have your own knowledge about the differences for guaranteed safety.

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New Businesses Protect Workers with Chemical Resistant Gloves

Chemical Resistant Gloves

With a New Year comes new business openings, and those dealing with hazardous materials guarantee better protection with chemical resistant gloves. PVC coated gloves that re fully coated from top to bottom protect that hands of any worker that handles different acids, caustic materials, bases, or a variety of alcohols.

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Steel Toe Boots Vs. Composite Toe: What’s the Difference?

Steel Toe Boots

Depending on the safety requirements of your workplace, steel toe boots or composite toe boots may be the better choice for workers. Although both provide good protection for your feet, there are some instances where one may perform better than the other, or OSHA guidelines end up restricting a work area to need a specific kind between the two.

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When are Hard Hats Required?

Hard Hats

Workplaces that have risks to workers may have hard hat requirements that need to be followed, so it is important to know exactly what laws must be adhered to depending on the risk involved. Construction sites, factories, and more are great examples of sites that need hard hats under OSHA requirements. Hard hats must stand up to the industry standards, and the ones available at Aactus will provide great protection in any setting.

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Why Full Coverage with Personal Protective Equipment is Important

Personal Protective Equipment

Work that takes place in any location with even slightly hazardous conditions requires the right personal protective equipment to be used to avoid injuries. These are often mandatory based on the severity of the hazard, with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), through the Department of Labor, requiring specific guidelines to be followed for those qualifying workplaces. These industry standards are easily followed when you have easy access to safety equipment for your business.

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Fight the Heat with Flame Resistant Clothing, Fireproof Storage, and More

Fireproof Storage

Work environments that face the potential of encounters with high amounts of heat greatly benefit from flame resistant clothing, fireproof storage, and more that Aactus has to offer. Anyone managing employees in areas such as this should always be prioritizing safety first, and they can do so more easily by working with Aactus to find the best flame-resistant options available to them.

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Buy Safety Vests and Other Safety Clothing for Any Level of Risk

Buy Safety Vests

Whether you are looking to buy safety vests, t-shirts, safety hats, pants, or any other type of safety clothing, Aactus has you covered. We carry safety clothing and PPE in Class 1, 2, and 3 safety ratings, meaning any position that faces some level of risk can find the appropriate level of protection for their needs. Aactus takes worker safety seriously, and that is why we carry everything business’s need to ensure they stay safe while on the job.

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When Should Workers Use Half Face or Full-Face Respirators for PPE?

Full-Face Respirator

Not only does Aactus provide a variety of PPE to help keep workers safe, but we also have the knowledge to help you know when to sue specific kinds in different situations. With half face and full-face respirators available in a variety of brands, you may be wondering which is the best for your business.

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Personal Protective Equipment Allows Workers to Stay Hands-On

Personal Protective Equipment

When workers are in positions that require them to regularly use their hands, personal protective equipment can efficiently protect them to help them stay on task without interruption. Aactus knows the value of proper protection while on a jobsite, and gloves are one of the easiest but most effective ways to add important protection where it is needed. Our hands are one of the most versatile tools that we have available, so it is essential to protect them in whatever way is necessary.

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The Importance of Safety Shoes and their Applications

Safety Shoes

There are a variety of industries where safety shoes are essential to the personal protective equipment that workers wear on a job, so it is important to protection where and when you need it. Businesses can always have the proper safety shoes available for working areas when they work with Aactus. Our team understands the hazardous conditions that often come with working in industrial workplaces, so we provide these businesses with everything that they need to keep workers safe.

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Quality Eye Protection Provides Necessary Safety Equipment

Eye Protection

There are a variety of positions that require eye protection to stay safe, and Aactus provides this necessary piece of safety equipment to any business that works in conditions hazardous to the eyes. There are a variety of industries that require workers to be in conditions or operating hardware that can pose a risk to the worker’s eyes, so it is important to protect them whenever you can with simple but effective gear.

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Why Industrial Hearing Protection is Important for Engineering

Industrial Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is a known risk in many engineering businesses, but it can be prevented using effective industrial hearing protection. Aactus, a major supplier of personal protective equipment for a wide variety of industries, has the gear necessary to help you keep workers safe. Noise-induced hearing loss is a preventable problem with the right gear, so we at Aactus try to recommend safety equipment to appropriately protect those in the workplace.

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Personal Protective Equipment Keeps Industrial Packaging Running Smoothly and Safely

Personal Protective Equipment

Keeping workers healthy and safe should always be a primary goal in industrial packaging, and the personal protective equipment that Aactus offers can ensure that operations stay running smoothly and safely every day. We have worked with a variety of industries over the years, so our team knows all the equipment that can best help on the work floor and offers different options to cover these needs.

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Duct Tape Tips and Tricks from Your Packaging Materials Distributor, Aactus

Packaging Materials Distributor

Everyone has heard or used the phrase, “duct tape can fix anything!” While that’s not completely true, there are a number of uses for duct tape you may not have thought about. In this post, Aactus, your packaging materials distributor will explore some tips and tricks for duct tape use that may help make your life a bit easier!

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Packaging Supplies Available from Aactus

Packaging Supply Company

At Aactus, the premier packaging supply company, our mission is to provide the packaging and shipping materials you need to make whatever you’re sending arrive at its destination safely and securely. We commit to our customers with their packaging and shipping needs with drive, determination, perseverance, and performance.

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Case Studies: Why You Should Choose Aactus as Your Packaging Supply Company

Packaging Supply Company

Weather-Resistant Inventory Tags

An automotive supplier contacted us with an urgent need for standard stock manila tags for 5,000 items as a part of their impending quarterly inventory count.

In order to assess the situation properly we asked the necessary application questions. Based on their answers, we determined that a large number of their products were stored outdoors. This left them exposed to rain and other weather which caused a frequent need to be replaced.

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Services Available from Aactus, Your Packaging Supply Company



At Aactus, your packaging supply company, we go above and beyond just filling orders for our customers. Our tea has extensive experience and product knowledge and are more than happy to offer technical expertise to customers who may need help. If you need a better product, have a new application, or simply want to reduce your operating costs – we will do the research and work with you to come up with alternatives so you can choose an optimized and effective solution for your business.

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Labels Available from Aactus, Your Shipping Supply Company

Shipping Supply Company

Custom printed labels

Every industry has a need for custom printed labels, including industrial, manufacturing, retail and any really any other business where products need to be labeled and identified. Custom labels can be made with your specifications for shape, size, color, and adhesive type.

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Get Your Green Cleaning Supplies from Aactus

Green Cleaning Supply Company

As time goes on, more and more companies are “going green” in an effort to promote environmental sustainability. This also means that more companies are developing and offering green cleaning supplies. We carry brands that include Green Works®, Simple Green®, Clorox®, Lysol®, Zep®, Citrus Magic®, Mr. Clean®, 409®, and Pine-Sol®. At Aactus, we know the importance of environmental sustainability as well as the increased safety for people and animals that comes with the use of green cleaning products which is why we have a growing selection of green cleaning supplies that we have in-house.

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What You Need to Know About Microfiber Cloths

Packaging Supply Company in Michigan

Microfiber cloths are made with a synthetic fiber (usually polyamide, polyester, and polypropylene) that is extraordinarily thin – in fact, the threads are sometimes as thin as 1/100th of the diameter of human hair! These thin threads are then packed together to form a dense cloth with a high total surface area. The thinness of the threads work to pick up much smaller particulates than say, cotton or other synthetic fibers which makes it the best option for things like removing dust, fingerprint removal, and polishing furniture and other items of various materials.

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Common Uses for VCI Products from Your Livonia Packaging Supply Company

Packaging Supply Company in Livonia

As a top supplier of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) containing bags, films, papers, foams, sprays, and more, Aactus (formerly known as Budget Staple) has a comprehensive understanding of the uses and limitations of vapor barrier materials. Offering a high durability, resistance to punctures and life-long protection, VCI materials help to prevent the spread of fungus, mildew and mold growth. They can also reduce the amount of radon gas that is able to enter a structure. But, benefits aside, what are the practical uses of VCI bags and films? In this post, we’re going to look at how – and why – they are utilized in various applications.

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Buying Packaging Supplies from Your Livonia Packaging Materials Supplier

livonia packaging materials supplier

There are many varieties of packaging supplies available for you to choose from on the market. With there being so many options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In this post, we will look at two things you should consider when you are purchasing packaging supplies from a packaging materials supplier in Livonia. 

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Information About Bubble Wrap from Your Livonia Shipping Supply Company

Livonia Shipping Supply Company

While bubble wrap’s primary purpose is to protect items while being shipped or stored, it is also an effective tool for stress relief! There was actually a survey done in 2012 that’s findings show that simply popping the bubbles in bubble wrap for sixty seconds provides more stress relief than a half an hour massage. In this post, your Livonia shipping company will go over some information about bubble wrap you have probably never thought of. 

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VCI Metal Protection Bags for Your Company’s Metal Parts

Livonia Packaging Materials Distributor

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) are necessary to protect your metal parts from corrosion and rust during storage and shipping. At Aactus, we offer specially coated paper, film, and bags to ensure your metal products are protected from the elements that may not be a concern for plastic or other materials. VCI bags from Aactus can be used with painted or unpainted metal parts regardless of their shape and size. The bags work by emitting a corrosion inhibitor which protects the metal in both the short and long term. 

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Two Must-Haves for Your Packing and Shipping Supply Company in Livonia

Shipping Supply Company in Livonia

Have you ever ordered something and gotten a package that left a lot to be desired in the way of quality and ability to protect the product you spent your hard earned money on? This feeling caused by inadequate packing and shipping materials will oftentimes cause people to lose confidence in your brand. In this post, we will look at two things you need to make sure your packing and shipping supply company has before you decide to partner with them and use their materials. 

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How to Choose the Best Packaging Materials Supplier

Packaging Materials Supplier

For many businesses, quality packaging materials are an absolute necessity. Because of this, it’s extremely important to form a partnership with a trusted, reputable, and knowledgeable packaging materials supplier. In this post, we will look at a few of the things you should consider when choosing the right packaging materials supplier or distributor for your business. 

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Poly Bags from Aactus Your Packaging Materials Supplier

Poly Bags

Poly (polyethylene) bags are well known for their versatility and affordability in the packaging materials supplier industry. Poly bags provide necessary protection in almost any shape, size, or color which makes them ideal for use in many different applications and industries. Different types of poly bags work for specific needs such as those that are designed to protect products while they’re being shipped or stored. The varying thickness or poly bag materials can also help to provide a range of packaging solutions. In this post, we will look at some of the styles of poly bags we offer. 

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Comparing and Contrasting Vacuum Packaging and Shrink Wrapping

Packaging Materials Supplier

It’s not always easy to tell whether something has been packaged via vacuum packaging or shrink wrapping. Both of these packaging methods involve using transparent and stretchy materials that conform to the product that’s inside in what appears to be an airtight seal. In this post, we will go over some of the similarities and differences of these two popular packaging methods. 

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New Corporate Name

New Corporate Name

Say hello to Aactus...and goodbye to Budget Staple Company. Please don't worry. We're not going anywhere. We're just changing our company name and company logo.  After 37 years in business, we've grown along with our customers' needs, offering so much more than staples and packaging products. An identity update has been long overdue.

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Warehouse Capacity Increase

Warehouse Capacity Increase

Riding on the coattails of our new corporate name change, Aactus, Inc. in Livonia, Michigan (formerly known as Budget Staple Company) is proud to announce the tripling of our warehouse storage capacity and material handling equipment. This expansion is geared towards our customers' current and projected needs.

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New Location – Expansion

New Location – Expansion

We are proud to announce that due to our continual growth in Southeastern Michigan, Budget Staple Company has moved to a new location to better serve our customers. This new expanded location is approximately three miles from our old location in Livonia, Michigan.

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