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Custom printed labels

Every industry has a need for custom printed labels, including industrial, manufacturing, retail and any really any other business where products need to be labeled and identified. Custom labels can be made with your specifications for shape, size, color, and adhesive type.

Direct thermal stock labels

This type of labels does not require a printing ribbon. They use a special heat-activated layer that forms a black print image when heat is applied. These types of labels are better used in situations that are more temporary as they fade with age and can turn completely black from heat.

Inventory and inspection labels

There are many different varieties and types of inventory and inspection labels used in a wide variety of industries available at Aactus. Whether it is in roll form, sheets, or individual labels, inventory and inspection labels have multiple functions to help improve your business productivity and operations.

Laser sheeted stock labels

The laser sheeted labels at Aactus can be purchased in smaller packs or in bulk. Laser sheeted labels are great for use as a low volume, low cost method of producing labels for a variety of reasons.

Security and tamper evident labels

Once a security or tamper evident label is peeled is becomes very difficult to realign and tampering is made evident. These types of labels discourage theft, counterfeiting, and also help to prevent fraud.

Shipping and handling labels

There are many different types of shipping and handling labels that are used to alert anyone who is handling the package to special requirements when it comes to shipping and storage.

Thermal transfer stock labels

Thermal transfer stock labels use a thermal transfer ribbon that is used to print different types of labels and barcodes. These labels last much longer than and are not affected by heat and sunlight the way that direct thermal stock labels are.

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