When Should Workers Use Half Face or Full-Face Respirators for PPE?

Full-Face Respirator

Not only does Aactus provide a variety of PPE to help keep workers safe, but we also have the knowledge to help you know when to sue specific kinds in different situations. With half face and full-face respirators available in a variety of brands, you may be wondering which is the best for your business.

Both will do a good job of helping workers to breathe easier in situations where there are contaminants in the air, but there are some situations where you may need the extra protection that full-face respirators offer. Aactus provides personal protective equipment to any business that wants to help workers perform their job safely, according to regulations, and our respirators are one more way we help with this.

When to use a half face respirator

When workers are in an environment that requires either special eye protection or the wearer has prescription glasses that they need to be able to perform their task, then half face respirators can be a great option. In an environment where strictly breathing in a hazardous material is the concern, a half face respirator can be a great choice, allowing the worker to still wear hard hats, safety goggles, and more.

This versatility makes them easy to manage and take on and off as necessary for work environments.

When to use full face respirators

Comparatively, full face respirators work to seal the entire face, which can be easier than sealing just your nose and mouth. So, when a hazard is dangerous enough that you need a dependable seal, or when you need to protect your eyes from an irritant as well, a full-face respirator can be the better choice.

Full face protection is often a great choice when the work being performed includes small airborne particles that needs to be kept away from the face when possible. Aactus provides full-face respirators from some of the top brands in the business of PPE to ensure every worker gets the protection they need.

With P100 respirator types that block a minimum of 99.7% of larger particles, you can find excellent options of protection for workers with Aactus. For any type of PPE that your workplace requires, our team can help you find a solution to ensure workers get the necessary protection for their responsibilities. Contact us today to get started on an order or to learn more about what we have to offer!

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