Comparing and Contrasting Vacuum Packaging and Shrink Wrapping

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It’s not always easy to tell whether something has been packaged via vacuum packaging or shrink wrapping. Both of these packaging methods involve using transparent and stretchy materials that conform to the product that’s inside in what appears to be an airtight seal. In this post, we will go over some of the similarities and differences of these two popular packaging methods.


Heat sealed

Both methods of packaging use heat to seal the product within the packaging.

Conforms to packaged item

As mentioned above, both of these packaging methods conform to the product that’s inside of the packaging.

Transparent flexible packaging  

Vacuum packaging and shrink wrapping both use rolls of transparent plastic film or bags. In some cases, the film or bags are colored, but not often.


Material thickness

While both forms of packaging use transparent and flexible film or bags to enclose the product, the plastic material used in shrink wrapping is thinner than the plastic material use in vacuum packaging. It’s not uncommon for the vacuum bags or film to be 4 times thicker than the bags or film used in shrink wrapping.  


As mentioned above, both packaging methods appear to be airtight, however, that’s not the case. In vacuum packaging pressure or an air nozzle is used to get rid of air that is in the package which is why it is often used to package items that are perishable – like food. On the other hand, shrink wrapping actually traps in air that cannot escape until the product is unpackaged.

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