Find the Best Shipping and Packaging Supplies for Your Business


If you’re running a business that needs shipping and packaging supplies, its important that you choose a supplier that fits your needs. Finding a supplier that offers the best shipping supplies for your company can be frustrating when there are so many choose from, and it can be easy to get lost trying to find a supplier that has the packaging and shipping supplies you need at the most affordable prices. Aactus is here to help connect you to a reliable and reputable supplier so that you can get the best shipping and packaging brands to fit your company’s needs.

Connecting You With the Best Brands

As a customer focused shipping and packaging materials distributor, we’ve built relationships with some of the top shipping and packaging suppliers in the industry. Partnering with over one hundred companies, we can connect you with the supplier whose materials best fit your business’s needs. Everything from cardboard boxes, air pillows and cushions, staples, edge protectors, tapes, and more, our experienced team will consider all the variables and find not only the most practical, but also the most cost-efficient solution for your business’s application. When you choose Aactus as a distributor, not only do we save your business time by helping you find the best solutions, but we also help your business save money.

We’ll Help You Find the Best Solution

At Aactus, we know there’s no one size fits all answer when it comes to finding the right materials to protect your company’s products. Being a packaging and shipping materials distributor doesn’t mean that we’ll just fill your orders. We have extensive knowledge of shipping and packaging materials and are ready to help you find the materials you want with expert advice from our staff. Our services don’t just end at advice, Out team will go out to your location in order to collect as much information so that we can connect you with the materials that will best meet your requirements.  We’ll even help your business find custom or specialty solutions.

If you’re looking for shipping and packaging materials for your business, Aactus is an invaluable resource. Connecting companies with quality affordable products since 1979, you’ll find the best solutions at the best prices fast with our help. Contact us to let us know your shipping and packaging needs, or to place an order today!

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