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While bubble wrap’s primary purpose is to protect items while being shipped or stored, it is also an effective tool for stress relief! There was actually a survey done in 2012 that’s findings show that simply popping the bubbles in bubble wrap for sixty seconds provides more stress relief than a half an hour massage. In this post, your Livonia shipping company will go over some information about bubble wrap you have probably never thought of.

The history of bubble wrap is likely something you have never concerned. Interestingly, the concept of bubble wrap actually came about as a type of wallpaper in the last 1950s. This idea did not gain traction, so the inventors brainstormed on what their product could be used for and landed on a protective material for fragile items during shipment. Since these humble beginnings bubble wrap has become available in a range of sizes and color. In fact, there is now a bubble wrap that is coated with a chemical that makes it resistant to static and perfect for electronics shipment.

It’s probably true that most of the people who enjoy popping the bubbles in bubble wrap don’t even know that they are likely benefiting from stress relief even with the satisfaction felt from the feeling and sound of popping the bubbles. There are even electronic gadgets that have been developed that simulate the feeling and sound of popping bubbles.

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