Supply Services that Stay on Top of Your Business’s Shipping and Packaging Needs


At Aactus, we’re more than just a supplier of shipping and packaging products. If your business is looking for services that go above and beyond to meet your specific needs, then the team at Aactus is ready to help. Offering over 30 years of technical expertise, our team has extensive product knowledge and will help you to find the solutions that best suit your business’s needs. With our solution identifying and supplying services, your business will benefit from expert advice and superior solutions from your shipping and packaging suppliers at Aactus.

We Work to Understand Your Businesses Needs

We will work with you on site to help us understand exactly what your application is, and will consider all possible variables that your needs bring with them. Our team members are dedicated to providing your business with services that best fits its needs, and to accomplish this, we will come to you to collect as much information as possible about your application. Environmental, handling, shipping, and even storage concerns for your project will be taken into account when we help to find your business a practical and cost-effective solution.

Stay Well Stocked with Inventory Management Services

With the industrial packaging materials and shipping supplies that Aactus has access to, our services won’t only ensure that your business has the solutions its application demands. With supply management services by Aactus, we’ll make sure your business’s inventory is well stocked with everything from boxes, tapes, adhesives and bubble wrap to Personal Protective Equipment, hard hats, respirators, and more.

If your business uses a specific product frequently, our auto-shipping services may be useful for you. Instead of having one of our personnel analyze and audit your inventory, our auto-shipping service allows you to specify the product, the amount, and how often your business receives new shipments. This program also allows you to adjust your orders at any time, so whatever the circumstances are, you can make sure you have just the right number of supplies to meet your business’s projected needs.

Based in Livonia Michigan, Aactus is ready to help your business find the solutions for any specific application through its packaging supply services. To learn more about the services offered by Aactus, contact us today!

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