Case Studies: Why You Should Choose Aactus as Your Packaging Supply Company

Packaging Supply Company

Weather-Resistant Inventory Tags

An automotive supplier contacted us with an urgent need for standard stock manila tags for 5,000 items as a part of their impending quarterly inventory count.

In order to assess the situation properly we asked the necessary application questions. Based on their answers, we determined that a large number of their products were stored outdoors. This left them exposed to rain and other weather which caused a frequent need to be replaced.

To remedy this issue, we engineered a long-lasting tag that could resist the elements and stay functioning through the life of the product.  These tags would not need to be replaced before each inventory and resulted in a significant reduction in cost and time spent.

Consolidated Supply Chain

A chocolate and candy maker was working with many different suppliers to purchase the consumable products they need on a daily basis. This was a cumbersome process that took considerable time. These products included protective packaging, tapes, insulated shipping products, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, cleaning supplies and more.

We consulted with them through multiple meetings, manufacturing facility audits, and extensive product research and analysis. This consulting led us to consolidating their supply chain into just a few sources. We also set up schedules for reoccurring shipments and even negotiated lower prices for many of the items. The result of these efforts went a vastly more efficient operation and large cost savings that allowed them to grow their business.

Environmentally Friendly and Economical

A major national food company had shipments of hundreds of packages containing cakes, ice cream, brownies, gourmet popcorn, nuts, and more to locations throughout the U.S. The issue was that many of the major cities they shipped to were moving to ban loose-fill packaging peanuts because of environmental concerns. The customer required a new, environmentally friendly way to ensure safe delivery of products.

Through in-depth discussions and research, we engineered an air pillow/air pillow packaging solution that integrated seamlessly into their manufacturing and packaging lines. This change eliminated the peanuts while still protecting their products during shipment. This solution saved the company time and labor costs.

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