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Packaging Supply Company

At Aactus, the premier packaging supply company, our mission is to provide the packaging and shipping materials you need to make whatever you’re sending arrive at its destination safely and securely. We commit to our customers with their packaging and shipping needs with drive, determination, perseverance, and performance.

Bubble Wrap & Packaging

Not only is bubble wrap fun to pop after you get a package, but it is also useful when it comes to packaging and shipping. At Aactus, our bubble packaging wrap is film engineered with protective bubble sizes, and is readily in stock with either a small 3/16” bubble diameter, or with a large ½” bubble diameter. With many types of bubble wrap in different diameters and widths to choose from in different configurations and customizations, we can guarantee your packages will arrive to the desired address safely and securely.

Cartons & Boxes

With an assortment of box sizes, thicknesses, and types available, in any industry, our cartons and boxes are ideal for protecting product content. They are also important moving supplies that provide a readily available pack-and-go supply solution that with our help will be the right fit for your moving needs.

Carton & Box Sealing Tape

Our carton & box sealing tapes contain pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) which makes for reliable, secure sealing of corrugated boxes. With the many types of tape, a range of widths, lengths, and colors we have to offer, our staff will take care of your shipping needs in regards to the characteristics and other specifications for tape your company is looking for.

With our team having more than 25 years of experience in working as a packaging supply company, we will take quality care of your company and your needs. Contact us today with any questions!

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