Case Studies

At Aactus, we take great pride in solving problems for our customers.  Consider us a resource to help you operate your business efficiently and cost effectively. 

Below are a few examples of situations in which we were able to offer our customers solutions.  We look forward to doing the same for you!

1. Stormy Weather Inventory Tags

An automotive supplier called us in panic mode to see if we had an off-the-shelf stock manila tag for their upcoming quarterly inventory count of over 5,000 items.

After asking critical application questions, we learned that many of their products were kept outdoors, which meant their inventory tags were exposed to weather and therefore frequently had to be replaced.

We engineered a weather-resistant tag that could withstand the outside elements on a long-term basis and remain attached to their products throughout their life cycle. 

They wouldn’t need to be replaced in future inventory counts, a task the company had been doing for years.  In addition to meeting the needs of this application, our solution provided significant annual time and cost savings

2. Sweet Solution for Packaging

A confectionary customer that manufactured chocolate and candy was spending countless hours dealing with numerous suppliers to obtain consumable products it used on a daily basis.  The items included protective packaging, tapes, insulated shipping products, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, cleaning supplies and more.

After multiple meetings, manufacturing facility audits, extensive product analysis and research, we were able to help them consolidate their supply chain to only a few sources.  We set up schedules for regular shipments and negotiated lower prices for many items. 

As a result of our efforts together, the company has experienced substantial efficiencies in their operations and huge costs savings as well, allowing them to grow their business. 

3.  Eco-friendly Can Be Eco-nomical  

A nationally-known food company was experiencing packaging issues.  Each week they were shipping hundreds of packages containing cakes, ice cream, brownies, gourmet popcorn, nuts and more to addresses throughout the U.S. 

The problem was that many major cities were moving to ban loose-fill packaging peanuts due to waste disposal and environmental concerns.  Our customer needed a new eco-friendly shipping material that would ensure safe transit of its product.

After in-depth discussions and research, we engineered an air cushion/air pillow solution integrated directly into their manufacturing and packaging lines. They were able to completely eliminate loose-fill packaging peanuts from their operations without posing any risk to the quality of their product in shipping.

Best of all, this green solution ended up saving the manufacturer packaging time and labor costs throughout their daily shipping.     

4. Hand Towel Budget Getting Out of Hand

A large Tier 1 automotive manufacturer with more than 100 employees was spending extraordinary amounts of its janitorial budget on paper hand-towels placed in its bathrooms.  Not only were the towels getting expensive, but the customer had to purchase sizable quantities from a national distributor on a weekly basis.                      

After discussing the situation with the company, we suggested switching to electric hand dryers, which besides reducing costs would also be a more environmental solution.  We obtained demo units for them to test for over a month.  The tests proved successful and they switched out their entire facility from hand towels to electric hand dryers.

The units paid for themselves within six months, and their cost savings now pay for their annual company-wide parties and picnics.  Yes, the savings were that great! 

What we’ve done for these customers, we can do for you.  

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