Why Full Coverage with Personal Protective Equipment is Important

Personal Protective Equipment

Work that takes place in any location with even slightly hazardous conditions requires the right personal protective equipment to be used to avoid injuries. These are often mandatory based on the severity of the hazard, with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), through the Department of Labor, requiring specific guidelines to be followed for those qualifying workplaces. These industry standards are easily followed when you have easy access to safety equipment for your business.

Aactus provides a variety of personal protective equipment that ensures workers are fully protected when working, allowing them to stay safe while your business’s operations stay in line with these standards.

Covered head to toe

When you choose Aactus as your PPE provider, your business chooses a professional team that provides PPE that can cover workers from head to toe. From hair nets to shoe covers, our team has all the safety gear that workers need to always remain compliant with OSHA for the safety of themselves and others. Simply let our team know what you need for your workplace safety, and we’ll provide options to help you meet industry standards.

Depending on the hazard level that your workers face, we have higher levels of protection that can keep anyone safe. A great example of this is our safety gloves, which include options such as disposable nitrile gloves for simple hand protection or industrial / mechanics gloves for more padded protection.

Regular protection and single use

If the hazards that are faced by your workers are a regular risk while in the workplace, Aactus carries options of safety gear that allows the workers to stay protected day in and day out while on the job. We also carry different single use items such as foam earplugs, single use bouffants, and more. There is a reason why so many have depended on Aactus to provide their workspaces with personal protective equipment, and this variety of options is available to your workplace whenever it is needed!

We pride ourselves in providing regular protection from PPE that is meant for single or repeated use, using only some of the best name brands in the business for our customers’ protection.

When you want full coverage through personal protective equipment, Aactus is the best choice available for any industry. Whether you are in food service, industrial applications, or a cleaning crew, you can find the resources to protect workers with us. Contact us today to learn more or get started on an order for PPE!

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