What is the Difference Between Dust Masks and Respirators?

Dust Masks

Using the right gear on the job is important for safe work, so the difference between dust masks and respirators is something to keep in mind depending on what kind of project you’re working on. Most jobs that require a dust mask or respirator on the job will let you know which you need and recommend the correct kind for safe work, but it is still good to have your own knowledge about the differences for guaranteed safety.

Whichever you need for your position, Aactus provides each with different brands available based on your preferences and needs. We provide PPE to all workers that need better protection while on the job. Whether you want added safety to your company’s gear or you need to meet government regulations, we have everything you need.

When are dust masks used?

Dust masks are a good piece of protection against non-toxic nuisance dusts. When doing simple tasks such as mowing, sweeping, or dusting, a dust mask is a good piece of PPE to have to help against allergens. Because dust masks are not NIOSH approved, they should not be used for any hazardous dust materials or gases, as they are not designed to protect the wearer from them.

Aactus provides dust masks to any who work in lawncare, home repair services, and more. These positions all benefit from dust masks as a simple way to keep out non-toxic particles while on the job.

When are respirators used?

Respirators are used in work that requires clean breathing where toxic particulates may be a problem. With layered, woven cloth that adds multiple layers of protection, they keep out dangerous substances. If respirators are certified for use to protect against these contaminants by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), then they will protect the wearer from things such as gases, vapors, and dangerous particulates from something like smoke.

The respirators that Aactus has in stock come in different styles, including half mask respirators, particulate respirators, flat fold respirators, disposable respirators, and 3M Cool Flow valve respirators. Whatever kind our customers need, we always carry each in stock to provide them with the gear they need when they need it.

Whether you need dust masks or respirators, there is always the PPE your business needs with Aactus. Contact us today to learn more about the PPE we have to offer and how it brings added safety to your workplace!

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