When are Hard Hats Required?

Hard Hats

Workplaces that have risks to workers may have hard hat requirements that need to be followed, so it is important to know exactly what laws must be adhered to depending on the risk involved. Construction sites, factories, and more are great examples of sites that need hard hats under OSHA requirements. Hard hats must stand up to the industry standards, and the ones available at Aactus will provide great protection in any setting.

Aactus hard hats meet all OSHA requirements and are always offered at great prices, so businesses are able to provide their workers with the safety equipment they need. With brands like 3M, Ergodyne, Honeywell, and more, you know you are always getting top-of-the-line protection from Aactus.

What are OSHA regulations with hard hats?

OSHA regulations state that workers need to wear hard hats whenever there is the potential for head injuries in a workplace from “impacts, falling or flying objects, and electric shock.” There are two standards that OSHA uses for these regulations:

Whether your workplace faces the dangers of falling objects, fixed objects that are risks to the heads of workers, or a worker’s head could contact electrical hazards, a hard hat is needed to guarantee industry standards of safety.

When do hard hats need to be replaced?

So, after you have had your required hard hats order, and they have served your business for years, you also need to be sure that they are in the right working condition to keep safety standards. Hard hats need to be replaced once they have started to show any signs of damage such as dents or cracks. Each time that a hard hat is used, these signs of wear and tear need to be looked for to ensure maximum safety for the wearer each time they put their hard hat on.

When the time for replacement comes, Aactus has the same hard hats in stock, or a variety of other options if you would like to try a different brand or style of protection. Whatever you decide on, you know that your workers are getting quality safety every time they wear an undamaged hard hat from Aactus.

Aactus provides everything that industrial work areas need for PPE, including dependable hard hats that meet all OSHA standards and ANSI requirements. Find yours by reaching out today!

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