Protect Workers During Hands on Work With Effective Safety Solutions


Whether it’s to manually adjust equipment, or simply to move an object, keeping your hands in good condition is critical for any hands on application. When you are looking for hand protection to fit a wide range of applications, you can count on Aactus to find the solution that best meets your business’s needs. Helping to connect businesses with some of the best personal protective equipment solutions possible, when you are looking for the best ways to ensure that your worker’s have adequate hand protection for any kind of hazard they may face at your facility, you can count on Aactus.

Hand Protection for Any Application

It’s always important that you are well supplied with gloves that can provide the protection that your application demands. Carrying a number of gloves and hand protection solutions, you can guarantee that you’ll always be supplied with the right gloves for the job with a supply from Aactus. mechanic’s gloves that can provide protection from dirt and grease, chemical resistant and disposable gloves that can keep your hands clean and safe from a number of hazards, Food service gloves that can help ensure your team meets health safety standards, and many more, you’ll be able to find the gloves that provide appropriate protection in any application with Aactus.

Protective Gloves From Trusted Brands

When you work with Aactus as your PPE supplier, you can guarantee that you will be receiving effective products from quality brands. With hand protection from brands like 3M™, Ansell, Memphis glove, Cypress, Honeywell®, as well as many other brands, you can count on Aactus to provide you with work gloves and other PPE products from trusted manufacturers.

Working to connect businesses throughout Michigan and northern Ohio with the quality solutions that meet their specific needs since 1979, when you are looking for a supply of gloves and other personal protective equipment, you can trust that the experts at Aactus will find the solutions that fit your business needs. Browse our hand protection and other PPE products on our website or contact us to learn more about how aactus can help you provide adequate protection for your workers today.

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