New Businesses Protect Workers with Chemical Resistant Gloves

Chemical Resistant Gloves

With a New Year comes new business openings, and those dealing with hazardous materials guarantee better protection with chemical resistant gloves. PVC coated gloves that re fully coated from top to bottom protect that hands of any worker that handles different acids, caustic materials, bases, or a variety of alcohols.

Aactus carries hand protection with solvent and chemical-resistant gloves for these exact types of businesses. From chemical laboratories to engineering buildings that work with corrosive materials, the chemical resistant gloves that we carry ensures workers stay protected as necessary by OSHA guidelines and work throughout the day efficiently, without worry.

Trusted, professional brands

When a new business starts to stock itself with new equipment, it is important that the gear being chosen stands up to the standards set by the industry that the purchaser is in. Rather than purchase personal protection equipment that just provides the minimum amount of coverage, you can raise worker confidence in your workplace by providing known brands that provide the best protection available.

Aactus carries some of the best name brands in the business for personal protection equipment. With Ironwear, 3M, Ergodyne, and much more, Aactus carries recognized brands that are known to provide great protection and meet all requirements for almost every industry that requires hand protection in varying degrees.

Different style for different jobs

Not only do chemical resistant gloves all protect workers from harmful acids, bases, and more as they are being handled, but they also come in a variety of styles to ensure the right level of protection. For extremely dangerous chemicals, PVC coated gloves can even reach up to shoulder length to protect not just the hands, but also the forearm. Others come with a soft cotton jersey lining and wrist, making for a more comfortable glove for less harmful chemicals that don’t threaten to splash out.

With the brands that Aactus carries, new businesses have access to these different styles and more when they order with us. Whether you’re a new businesses opening up or a branch of an existing company, the hand protection that your workplace requires can find solutions with Aactus.

When industrial businesses need safety equipment in the New Year, they know that they can trust Aactus to provide it. With top-of-the-line brands and a variety of options available for every type of PPE, your workers will be better protected with us. Contact us today to find the right safety gear for your team!

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