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Whether you are looking to buy safety vests, t-shirts, safety hats, pants, or any other type of safety clothing, Aactus has you covered. We carry safety clothing and PPE in Class 1, 2, and 3 safety ratings, meaning any position that faces some level of risk can find the appropriate level of protection for their needs. Aactus takes worker safety seriously, and that is why we carry everything business’s need to ensure they stay safe while on the job.

Whatever industry you are in, you can find the right level of visibility and safety for the job when you buy from Aactus.

Only carrying the best in the business

When you choose Aactus to buy safety vests for your workplace, you can rest easy knowing that you are purchasing from a provider of safety clothing that carries only the best brands in the business of worker safety. We carry 3M, Safety Zone, Proguard®, Honeywell®, and more, to name a few. Recognized brands that renown for creating great products, the visibility and craftsmanship of PPE from these brands gives workers the added safety they require.

Each brand offers options that meet the marks of the American National Standards Institute for workers’ safety, so simply choose the one that matches your needs and make your way to a safer workplace.

Meeting and exceeding the minimums of safety

Depending on the level of safety that your workplace needs to meet because of potential risks, Aactus carries Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 vests. These provide increasing levels of visibility in increasing levels of risk for jobs that your workers need to complete. Safety standards set by OSHA often require specific levels of worker visibility depending on the level of risk that is faced on the jobsite, so Aactus carries vests of each safety class to ensure each space always gets the gear it needs.

With standard vests, breakaway vests, and more styles of safety gear available, you can buy safety vests, shirts, pants, and more of all safety ratings when you need with Aactus.

With decades of experience in providing quality safety equipment, Aactus is the best choice to buy safety vests, safety shirts, and a variety of other PPE. Contact us today to learn our current, full inventory, and find the safety products that your business needs to make a safer workplace!

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