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At Aactus, your packaging supply company, we go above and beyond just filling orders for our customers. Our tea has extensive experience and product knowledge and are more than happy to offer technical expertise to customers who may need help. If you need a better product, have a new application, or simply want to reduce your operating costs – we will do the research and work with you to come up with alternatives so you can choose an optimized and effective solution for your business.

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Case Studies: Why You Should Choose Aactus as Your Packaging Supply Company

Packaging Supply Company

Weather-Resistant Inventory Tags

An automotive supplier contacted us with an urgent need for standard stock manila tags for 5,000 items as a part of their impending quarterly inventory count.

In order to assess the situation properly we asked the necessary application questions. Based on their answers, we determined that a large number of their products were stored outdoors. This left them exposed to rain and other weather which caused a frequent need to be replaced.

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Packaging Supplies Available from Aactus

Packaging Supply Company

At Aactus, the premier packaging supply company, our mission is to provide the packaging and shipping materials you need to make whatever you’re sending arrive at its destination safely and securely. We commit to our customers with their packaging and shipping needs with drive, determination, perseverance, and performance.

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