Dust Masks & Respirators

Dust Masks & Respirators

Our dust masks and respirator equipment are available in many styles and types. Working in a dusty environment, or other areas where airborne or pollutants in the atmosphere are present, we have the right mask or respirator for your application. Most common types of respirators are those of the N95 type, which block a minimum of 95% of larger type particles, and our P100 respirator types block a minimum of 99.7% of larger particles. Whether it is a dust mask or respirator being purchased, make sure to select the appropriate type based on the conditions in which your worker is being exposed to, as they will need to meet the applicable safety standards.


  • Half Mask Respirators (with cartridges and filters)
  • Particulate Respirators
  • Flat Fold Respirators
  • Disposable Respirators
  • 3M Cool Flow Valve Respirators


3M™, Safety Zone, North®, Kimberly-Clark®, Medline


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