Head Protection

Head Protection

Head protective equipment is available in many styles and types. Finding the perfect hard hat for both you and your work environment can be quite detailed. There are two types of hard hats that are OSHA mandated. Type I hard hats are protectant to a blow to the top of the head from a lighter-impact force, such as a hammer or light-duty power tool. Type II hard hats are protectant to forces that impact the areas of the hat that would be off-center, top of the head or from the side. Type II hats have a thicker inside lining and suspension rating. A few basic points to reflect on in choosing the proper hard hat could be the following: determining what type of hat will best suit the work environment; choosing a hat that will be comfortable and not too heavy on your head; making sure that the hat is lined properly for safety reasons; making sure the hat has chin straps for added safety; and finally, making sure that your hat fits well enough that you can barely feel it on your head. At Aactus, we sell many types of hard hats and their related accessories- call us today to learn more!


  • Many varieties
  • Ratchet suspension hard hats
  • Face shields, cooling towels, wraps & bandanas
  • Other related accessories


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