Bubble Wrap & Bubble Packaging

Bubble Wrap & Bubble PackagingBubble packaging wrap, a film engineered with protective bubble sizes, is readily in stock with either a small 3/16” bubble diameter, or with a large 1/2” bubble diameter.  Both bubble sizes are available in widths of 12”, 16”, 24”, and 48”.  Perforations throughout the length are added for easy tear-off, which enhances packaging efficiency.  Non-perforated bubble wrap, custom widths, or custom configurations can be ordered as well.  Also available are anti-static, adhesive, or cohesive bubble wrap, which are well suited for specialty applications.  Flexible bubble wrap is a versatile, dependable, and affordable way to safeguard products.  For expert assistance, contact Aactus to learn about bubble packaging wrap as a great solution for product protection.



  • 3/16” Small Bubble
  • 1/2” Large Bubble
  • Custom Widths
  • Anti-static Bubble
  • Adhesive Bubble
  • Bubble Envelopes & Pouches
  • Bubble Rolls & Sheets
  • Bubble Wrap®
  • Durabubble®
  • Durabond® Cohesive Bubble
  • Durakraft® Bubble w/ Kraft Paper
  • Duramask® No-Residue Surface Protection                                        
  • Endurabubble®
  • Bubbleplus™
  • Foil / Flexfoil / Metalized Bubble
  • Static Shielding Bubble

Brands/Similar to:

Polyair®, Sealed Air®, Storopack®

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