VCI Paper - Rolls, Sheets & Bags

VCI Paper - Rolls, Sheets & BagsVCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) Paper Rolls, Sheets and Bags have endless application uses, providing corrosion protection for metals at various stages of the product’s life. These VCI paper products are great for metal parts, unpainted or painted, regardless of size or shape. These paper rolls, sheets and bags are made from VCI-impregnated virgin kraft papers, meeting unique anti-corrosion packaging requirements, for reliable short-term or long-term corrosion protection.  Metal-specific VCI paper formulations are available to protect a spectrum of metals, including ferrous, galvanized, multi-metals, copper, silver and aluminum.  VCI Papers are odorless, safe, non-toxic, neutral pH, easy to use, and recyclable.  A broad selection of rolls and sheets are available, in either stock or custom sizes.  Many of these VCI products fulfill Military and Automotive Specification, and are heavily used in a multitude of industries, such as Automotive, Military, Pharmaceutical, Metalworking, Marine, Electronics, and Aerospace.  We have a vast selection of VCI protective products to choose from - call us today!



  • Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper®
  • Protek Wrap®
  • Ferro-Galv®
  • ARMOR Wrap®
  • Coppertex®
  • Alumitex®
  • Uniwrap®


Daubert Cromwell®, ARMOR®, VCI2000, Custom Formulations

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