VCI Foam

VCI FoamVCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) Foam is available in rolls, pre-cut squares, adhesive-backed pieces, cut-to-length pieces and custom laminations - all providing corrosion protection and cushioning for delicate and sensitive metal components.  Soft and abrasion resistant, VCI Foam will not harm polished finishes when used inside enclosed packages and containers. In addition to surface protection, VCI foam emits protective vapors to prevent moisture and other contaminants from depositing on the part itself, effectively choking out the corrosion causing sources.  VCI foam is safe, economical, easy to use, and provides lengthy corrosion protection.  VCI foam is used in all metal industries, such as Automotive, Military, Metalworking, Marine, Electronics, and Aerospace.


  • Daubrite® Foam
  • ARMOR Shield®


Daubert Cromwell®, ARMOR®, VCI2000, Custom Formulations

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