VCI Film - Sheeting & Tubing

VCI Film - Sheeting & TubingVCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) Poly Sheeting and Tubing have a plethora of application uses, to provide metal corrosion protection throughout a products’ life stages.  These VCI poly products are great for metal parts that are painted or unpainted, large or small, symmetrical or not - covering the gamut. Corrosion inhibitor exists throughout the poly sheets and tubing, providing both short-term and long-term corrosion protection.  Heavy-duty construction offers excellent tear-resistance, with odorless and non-toxic moisture barrier protection.  VCI poly tubing and sheeting are heat-sealable, are available in stock sizes, and can often be customized to a customer-specific size.  These VCI products meet various Military and Automotive Specifications, and are widely used in Automotive, Military, Pharmaceutical, Metalworking, Marine, Electronics, and the Aerospace industries. 


  • Various Stock Sizes
  • Customer-Specific Sizes


Daubert Cromwell®, ARMOR®, VCI2000, Custom Formulations

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