VCI Film - Masking with PSA

VCI Film - Masking with PSAVCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) masking film, with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), is a 2 mil film that adheres to multi-metal surfaces, temporarily protecting  the surface against scratches, in addition to providing VCI corrosion protection during manufacture, storage and handling.  This stretchable, strong film is easily-applied and leaves no residue when removed.  It withstands roll forming, bending, cutting and stamping, making it ideal for use in metal fabrications, metal service centers, doors and trim works, and heavy duty industrial equipment and machines that are stored indoors.  Available film widths range from 3” to 80”.


  • Premium Metal-Guard® VCI Masking Film


Daubert Cromwell®, ARMOR®, VCI2000, Custom Formulations

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