VCI Emitters - Disks, Packets & Chips

VCI Emitters - Disks, Packets & ChipsTo enhance exposed metal protection within enclosed spaces, storage containers, or in recessed areas, VCI emitter devices can be used in conjunction with other VCI packaging. These emitters are available as disks, packets, chips and foam squares, all boosting the vapor corrosion inhibitors. Easy-use VCI devices are safe and economical, providing extended corrosion protection.  VCI Emitters are used across worldwide metalworking industries, including Automotive, Military, Pharmaceutical, Marine, Electronics, Aerospace, Diagnostics, Food, and Consumer Products.  Call us today to discuss your VCI challenges.


  • Daubrite® Emitters
  • ARMOR SHIELD® Emitters
  • VCI Packets
  • VCI Foam - Closed Cell
  • VCI Chips
  • VCI Disks
  • Versil-Pak™ Pipe Wrap


Daubert Cromwell®, ARMOR®, VCI2000, Custom Formulations

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