Anti-Tarnish Paper & Films

Anti-Tarnish Paper & FilmsAnti-Tarnish Papers and Films prevent tarnish on silver, gold and noble metals.  These products remove sulfide vapors to ensure tarnish protection throughout a product’s life cycle, from manufacturing, to shipping, and during storage.  Anti-Tarnish Papers are available in bags, rolls, or sheets.  Anti-Tarnish Films are in bags or roll form.  Both Anti-Tarnish Papers and Films are used in a multitude of industries, wherever noble metals are fabricated, utilized, and marketed.


  • Silver Saver® Anti-Tarnish Paper & Paper Bags
  • Silver Guard™ Anti-Tarnish Reclosable Poly Bags & Film
  • Silver Shield™ Anti-Tarnish Paper


Daubert Cromwell®, ARMOR®, VCI2000

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