Vinyl Tape

Vinyl TapeVinyl Tapes are used in many industries worldwide. Common uses for various vinyl tapes are the following: lane marking and safety coding to meet OSHA requirements within a manufacturing facility; striping on vehicles, boats, or other types of sporting equipment; masking operations such as plating or anodizing; electrical, HVAC, or industrial pipe wrapping; to name a few. Vinyl tapes have a long shelf life, have good adhesion characteristics, and are geared for tearing and impact resistance. Contact us today for more information regarding the wide array of vinyl tapes that we offer!


  • Solid-colored floor marking vinyl tapes
  • Striped-safety warning/marking vinyl tapes
  • Pipe wrap vinyl tapes
  • Electrical insulation vinyl tapes


3M™, Intertape®, Shurtape®, Cantech®, tesa® and others

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