VHB Tape

VHB TapeVHB Tapes provide an easy way to fasten products together securely, virtually eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners such as rivets, screws, and welds in numerous applications.  It is a double-sided, pressure sensitive tape that outperforms many other fastening and assembly methods.  Conformable to many irregular surfaces, it also provides sealing, added strength, durability and cushioning properties, and all with a clean appearance.  VHB tapes are supplied in roll form, strips, and various custom fabricated configurations, parts, or die cuts. Save time on your next fastening project with Aactus!


  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) double coated tape
  • Various thickness, strength, and application ratings available
  • Easy release liners
  • Rolls available in various widths and lengths
  • Custom fabricated shapes and sizes available


3M™ VHB™, Gaska Tape®, Cactus

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