Thermally Conductive Tape

Thermally Conductive TapeThermally Conductive Tapes are usually an adhesive transfer tape or a foil tape, primarily copper in color. Thermally conductive adhesive transfer tapes are designed to provide a preferential
Heat transfer path between heat-generating devices and cooling devices. Product examples of this would be: Fans, heat pipes and heat sinks. Thermally conductive (copper) foil tapes are frequently used in the electrical and electronics industries, and it is coated with an adhesive that is dispersed with conductive spheres to provide a low rate of electrical resistance through the foil tape. These tapes are primarily used for cable wrapping to provide EMI/RFI shielding.


  • 3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes
  • Thermally conductive foil tapes (copper)


3M™, Intertape®, Shurtape®, Cantech®, tesa®, Cactus

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