Splicing Tape

Splicing TapeSplicing Tapes play an important part in today’s manufacturing industries. They have a wide range of usages, some of which are the following: To adhere die-cut (or raw) materials to the core of a new roll of product; to adhere the actual closing of a roll; marrying or affixing two tapes together as one continuous roll; they are even used as a protective masking. Most splicing tapes have a silicone adhesive for easy workability, and there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. When production downtimes need to be at a minimum, know that the splicing tapes here at Aactus will keep your production running at full speed- call us today!


  • Clear-colored polyester splicing tapes
  • Various-colored polyester splicing tapes
  • Clear-colored adhesive transfer tapes
  • Single-coated splicing tapes
  • Double-coated splicing tapes
  • Repulpable splicing tapes
  • Splittable splicing tapes


3M™, Intertape®, Shurtape®, tesa®, Scapa®, and other brand alternatives

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