Masking Tape

Masking TapeThe difference of any job is in the details. When masking tape is needed to complete a job worth finishing, select it with the required key characteristics. While general purpose crepe masking will suffice for light-to-medium duty holding, splicing, or bundling applications, the demanding technical jobs require masking tapes with both performance-oriented backings and pressure sensitive adhesives. Conformability, tensile, adhesive strength, temperature resistance, solvent resistance, bleed-through resistance, and clean removability variances set specialty performance masking tapes apart. Aactus provides a range of masking tape types - detail solutions to properly finish your job!


  • General Purpose Masking
  • Automotive / Transportation Masking
  • High Temperature Masking
  • Fine Line / Clean Line Masking
  • Color Masking
  • Painter’s Masking
  • Blue Painter’s Masking
  • Green Painter’s Masking
  • Marine / Composites Masking
  • Aqua Mask ® Masking
  • Orange Mask ® Masking
  • Production Masking
  • Repositionable Masking
  • UV-Resistant Masking
  • Water/Moisture-Resistant Masking
  • Weather-Resistant Masking


3M®, Cantech®, Intertape®, American® Brand, Shurtape®, Scotch®, FrogTape®, Scapa®, TaraTape®

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