Label Protection Tape

Label Protection TapeLabel Protection Tapes have multiple uses within the manufacturing and shipping process within a variety of industries. One use is to protect shipping and/or barcode labels during the handling of the shipping process. Another use is for laminating or joining to another surface or substrate for protective purposes. Label protection tapes are normally produced with high clarity, moisture-proof materials and are usually UV resistant to withstand both harsh and outdoor elements. They have outstanding transparency, which enables for a much cleaner, easier reading of labels and other forms of media that requires a form of label protection. Please call the Aactus team today to learn more about the wide selection of label protection tapes that are in stock and available for immediate delivery!


  • Clear Label Protection Tapes
  • Colored Label Protection Tapes
  • Custom-printed Label Protection Tapes


3M™, Intertape®, Shurtape®

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