Hook & Loop Reclosable Fasteners

Hook and LoopHook & Loop Reclosable Fasteners provide an easy, quick way to fasten products together securely. These fasteners allow for thousands of repeated openings and closings, they are lightweight, have low profiles (or teeth), are easy to use, and provide quick fastening solutions. They are available with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing or without adhesive, for sewing and stapling applications.  They are available in rolls, strips, and various custom fabricated configurations. Multiple colors are also available.


  • Acrylic or rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing
  • Non-adhesive backing – for sewing and stapling applications
  • Rolls available in various widths and lengths
  • Coin shapes (circles) available in various sizes
  • Custom fabricated shapes and sizes available
  • Multiple colors


3M™ Scotchmate™, Velcro®, and other brand alternatives

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