Hockey Tape / Miscellaneous Sports Tape

Hockey Tape / Miscellaneous Sports TapeHockey Tapes can be classified into two different types- 'cloth tape' and 'shin pad tape'. Hockey tape is also used by field hockey, roller hockey and lacrosse players. Cloth tape is used for many purposes such as taping stick blades, stick handles, stick shaft, etc. Cloth tape comes in various widths, lengths, colors and patterns. This classification also includes friction tape. Shin pad tape is typically used to secure your protective shin pads in place, or other protective equipment that may need securing. The "SportsTape" brand of hockey tape is used by players in professional leagues such as the NHL, AHL and other minor professional leagues in North America and Europe.

Other types of sports tapes available are athletic tapes, trainer's tape, pre-taping foam tape, stretch tapes, and stretch grip tape.


  • Cloth Tape (standard) - white and black
    • 24mm x 25m (0.94" x 27.34 yd.) - case of 72 rolls or "Multi-Pack"
    • 36mm x 25m (1.41" x 27.34 yd.) – case of 54 rolls or "Multi-Pack"
  • Cloth Tape (colored) - red, yellow, green, blue, orange, maroon, pink, & teal
    • 24mm x 25m (0.94" x 27.34 yd.) - case of 36 rolls
  • Cloth Tape (patterns) - Canada Flag, USA Flag, Camouflage, Skull & Bones
    • 24mm x 18m (0.94" x 19.69 yd.) - case of 36 rolls
  • Black Friction Tape – manufactured seasonally, availability limited
    • 19mm x 18.2m (0.75" x 20 yd.) - case of 100 rolls
  • Shin Pad Tape (standard) – clear in color
    • 24mm x 25m (0.94" x 27.34 yd.) - case of 72 rolls or "Multi-Pack"
  • Athletic Tape, Trainer's Tape, Pre-Taping Foam Tape, Stretch & Grip Tapes
    • Please contact Aactus for details, pricing and availability


SportsTape® and Canadian Technical Tape (Cantech®)

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