Gaffer's Tape

Gaffer's TapeNumerous industries rely upon Gaffer’s Tape where minimal visibility of tape is desired, such as entertainment stage set-ups, concerts, trade shows, metal working, manufacturing, military and industrial. Gaffer’s tape is unmatched for protecting/holding cables, electrical cords, as well as for splicing, waterproofing, tying, and sealing. It can also be used as a book binding tape for seaming & reinforcement. It has excellent water, vapor and abrasion resistance, will conform well to irregular surfaces, and will not twist or curl. Gaffer’s tape features clean removal from most surfaces, depending on length of time applied.


  • Cloth Gaffer’s Tape
  • Low Gloss / Matte Finish Gaffer’s Tape
  • Vinyl Gaffer’s Tape


3M™, Scapa®, Shurtape®

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