Foam Tape

Foam TapeFoam Tapes feature a high performance tack, adhesion and shear strength for bonding or mounting to a variety of surfaces. Specific types of foam tapes can be applied for sound and vibration dampening. Single-coated foam tape & double-coated foam tape versions are available. These tapes are used in just about any industrial setting and the uses of foam tapes are endless- contact us today to learn more!


  • Acrylic Foam Tape
  • Acrylic Foam Tape, Double Coated
  • Low Density PVC Foam Tape
  • Medium Density PVC Foam Tape
  • Polyethylene PE Foam Tape, Double Coated
  • Ultra High Bond UHB Foam Tape
  • Window Glazing Foam Tape, Double Coated


3M™, Gaska Tape, Scapa®, Cactus, and more

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