Flock / Anti-Squeak BSR Tape

Flock TapeFlock Tapes are usually known as an anti-squeak tape, and are primarily used in the areas of noise & vibration harshness (NVH), and buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) applications.  This tape has an aggressive acrylic adhesive, laminated to a flock backing, and is designed to eliminate noise issues caused when two different substrates come into contact with each other.  It adheres well to low surface energy materials, has good abrasion resistance properties, highly conformable, and is low fogging.  Flock tapes are typically used in the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical industries, as well as General Industrial, too.  Whether you need it in roll form, or a special size or shape, we can take care of your flock tape needs!


  • Meets various OEM Automotive Specifications
  • Black is the typical color
  • Multiple widths and lengths in roll form
  • Custom fabricated shapes and sizes available


Custom Formulations

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