Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Repairs, maintenance, abatement, projects, and endless uses await the implementation of the appropriate Duct Tape that we have to offer, here at Aactus. Economic, everyday used duct tapes satisfy many general purpose utility applications. For more demanding requirements, choose from a wide selection of specific duct tapes, offering features such as aggressive adhesion, high tensile, metallized, moisture barrier, temperature resistance, and UV resistance. Get the job done right with the duct tape type engineered to your particular specifications.


  • Color & Printed Duct Tape
  • Contractor Grade Duct Tape
  • General Purpose Utility Grade Duct Tape
  • Heavy Duty Duct Tape
  • Military Spec Duct Tape - ASTM D5486M-06
  • Nuclear Grade Duct Tape - ASME NQA-1 tested
  • Professional / Premium Grade Duct Tape


3M™, Cantech®, Duck Brand®, Intertape®, Shurtape®, Scapa®, TaraTape®

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