Box / Carton Sealing Tape Printed

Box / Carton Sealing Tape – Stock Printed / Custom PrintedStock or Custom Printed Box/Carton Sealing Tapes provide an immediate visual impact enhancement to any package. Typical usages of these tapes can be: Shipping & Handling message, Security & Pilferage Prevention message, or a Custom company name & logo for brand identity awareness. Printed tapes are available with either a ready-to-apply pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), or a paper tape with water activated adhesive (WA), which requires a moisture-applicating dispenser. A printed tape solution can be selected from many stock messages, or printed to your specifications to improve your package appearance. Get the message out, and make it stick!


  • Custom Printed Tape w/ PSA – Various Sizes, Multiple Colors, Messages & Logos
  • Custom Printed Paper Tape w/ WA  – Plain or Reinforced
  • Stock Printed – Fragile Handle With Care
  • Stock Printed – Made In USA
  • Stock Printed – Pilfer Proof Warning
  • Stock Printed – Security Tape
  • Stock Printed – Shipping Messages, Various
  • Stock Printed – Stop, Caution / Stop, Check Contents
  • Stock Printed – Warning


3M™, Decker, Intertape®, Shurtape®, and more

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