Barricade / Caution Tape

Barricade Tape

Barricade Tapes are designed to clearly communicate a caution/danger warning message, that a designated area has been quarantined to prohibit regular traffic during a time of professional service, or for hazard blocking. Barricade tapes can also be used to inform professionals of hazards that cannot be witnessed with vision, such as underground assets or buried power or cable lines of various types. 3” or 6” wide rolls include pre-printed black caution and danger messages, with corresponding bright color backgrounds, including orange, red, and yellow. We are here to assist you- call us today!  


  • Polyethylene Plastic Barricade Tape
  • Detectable Buried Barricade Tape w/ Aluminum Backing
  • Repulpable Barricade Tape w/ Reusable Tightly Woven Cotton Fibers


3M™, Intertape®, Safety Zone, Intertape®, Shurtape®, Cantech®


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