Industry - Packaging & Fulfillment

Industry - Packaging / Fulfillment

Pack and Guard® Cohesive Packaging is a full line of cold seal cohesive materials that can provide a lower cost option for protective packaging. These materials adhere only to themselves and never to the product protected. With custom options to match product and brand image expectations, this solution becomes even more attractive. Cohesive packaging can reduce, or can even eliminate usage of other packaging such as: boxes, cushioning, or padded shipping mailers. Discover if Pack and Guard® is right for your line.

Pack and Guard® Types:

  • Cohesive Single Face
  • Cohesive Linerboard
  • Cohesive Paper
  • Cohesive Film
  • Cohesive Polypaper
  • EZ Returnable Cohesive Package

Industry Focus Areas:

  • Catalog / Internet Retail
  • Electronic Components
  • Fulfillment
  • Industrial Parts
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Marketing / Literature
  • Nutraceuticals / Health & Beauty
  • Publications
  • Print & Promotional Items


Surface Guard®

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