Industry - Applicances / Electronics

Industry - Appliances & Electronics

Surface Protection films are becoming more frequently used in the Appliance and Electronics Industries.  Many appliances and electronics being made today have stainless steel, glass, or other delicate surfaces.  These films preserve those surfaces that can be scratched or marred with little effort.  In addition, they are also applied to prevent damage to painted or plastic surfaces and electronic keypad areas on various types of appliances and electronics.  Finally, they protect the overall surfaces in some cases in which shipping and handling is critical.  We have a wide variety of surface protection films available for any type of application!


  • Adhesive-Based Rolls
  • Perforated Rolls
  • Micro-perforated Die Cut Rolls
  • Various Colored Rolls
  • Chemical-Resistant Rolls


Surface Guard®, 3M™, Surface Shields®

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