Application - Solid Surfaces & Laminates

Application - Solid Surfaces & Laminates

Surface Protection films are sold to countertop fabricators that work with making custom solid surface/natural stone products, solid surfaces & various material laminates. Most products that are protected are granite and quartz; in many cases the protective film is applied before any drilling or cutting of the desired shape has begun. Normally, solid surface countertops are made of a sturdy acrylic blended material, proprietary to each manufacturer. Other materials that are used in the solid surface industry are: Formica, Laminate, Swanstone and Corian, to name a few. We have the resources to find the best surface protection film for your desired solid surface- call us today!


  • Adhesive-Based Rolls
  • Perforated Rolls
  • Micro-perforated Die Cut Rolls
  • Various Colored Rolls
  • Chemical-Resistant Rolls


Surface Guard®, 3M™, Surface Shields®

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