Spill Control & Sorbents

Spill Control & Sorbents

Spill control & sorbent products are of vital importance for any manufacturing-based facility, and we have a wide range of both to choose from. Sorbent is available in a variety of products; mostly used in granular or pads and roll form. Spill control products range from the following: ceiling leak diverters, drain seals, spill pallets, and many other options available. We'll be glad to guide you through your upcoming need for sorbent & spill containment products- call today!


  • High Capacity Granular Sorbent (1/2 Gallon Shakers or 20 Lb. Bags)
  • Recycled Fiber Sorbent Pads & Rolls (100 Sheets/Bale or 30” Wide x 150’ Length Rolls)
  • Sorbent Drip Pads (Various Sizes Available and UV/Chemical Resistant)
  • Ceiling Leak Diverters (Various Sizes Available)
  • Drain Seals (Various Sizes- stops spills from going down the drain)
  • Spill Pallets (Various Sizes- provides containment for 55-gallon drums)
  • Many other spill control products are available by request


3MTM, O’Cedar® Commercial, Justrite®, UltraTech

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