Lock Out - Tag Out

Lock Out - Tag Out

Lock Out/Tag Out stations and/or their accompanying products will be present within any manufacturing facility that utilizes machinery, presses, etc. There are various types of lock out stations- most are wall-mountable and highly visible within any plant floor. There is usually a variety of padlocks, hasps and tags available inside the lock out station, and easy to find and utilize when the need arises, or during an electrical disturbance, calling for the need to use these types of items. Lock out tags are usually water and oil-resistant, as they are primarily used during the maintenance of equipment. We can direct you to the proper Lock Out or Tag Out Station and related supply needed for your plant or shop environment- plenty of options to choose from!


  • Wall Mountable Lock Out Stations- various types
  • Electrical Kits- Lock Out
  • Various Lock Out Items- Hasps, Padlocks, Lock Boxes
  • Lock Out Tags
  • Custom Lock Out items are available


Master Lock®

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