First Aid Kits & Supplies

First Aid Kits & Supplies

The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, classifies first aid kits in four types or categories, and a brief overview of each class is listed below:

  1. Type 1 first aid kits are primarily for indoor use in an office setting, or a light manufacturing facility. Minimal risk for damage or injury. These are also mounted to a wall and not portable.
  2. Type 2 first aid kits have the same mandates as Type 1 kits, with the only difference being that they are portable and in most cases, have a carrying handle.
  3. Type 3 first aid kits can be used for both indoor and outdoor situations, and these kits should be mountable (if needed), and have a protective water-resistant seal to protect the inner contents.
  4. Type 4 first aid kits have the same characteristics as Type 3 kits, only these are designed to be portable for use in a mobile or outdoor environment.

We have a wide selection of all four types of first aid kits, as well as their related supplies. In addition, we also sell AED devices, which are becoming commonplace in most industrial, retail, outdoor or manufacturing sectors.


  • Various types of first aid kits- too many to list!
  • Compliance Cabinets & Bulk Refills for most kits
  • ZOLL AED CPR devices- call us for more info!


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