Eye Wash Stations & Supplies

Eye Wash Stations & Supplies

When the situation arises to purchase your next safety eye wash station, look no further than Aactus! We have a multitude of various eye wash stations and their corresponding supplies. Everything from a portable eye wash unit, to faucet-mounted eye wash systems; to gravity-fed units- we'll provide you with the correct fit for your eye wash station needs. Trust us- we'll keep our 'eyes wide open' every step of the way- call us today!


  • Faucet Mounted Eyewash System- easy to install!
  • Self-Contained Portable Emergency Eye Wash- mobile and lightweight
  • Portable ‘Keg-Style’ Eye Wash & Drench Hose Unit- take it right to your job site!
  • Wall Mountable Eye & Facewash Unit
  • Gravity-Fed Portable Eyewash & Transport Cart- tamper-proof and lightweight
  • Replacement Spray Heads, Plastic or Stainless Steel Replacement Bowls, Dust Covers


Honeywell®, Eyesaline®, Bausch+Lomb, Bradley®, Singer Safety Products

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