Clothing - Protective Apparel

Clothing - Protective Apparel

If your job on a daily basis requires the risk of being exposed to hazardous chemicals, hot liquid or metal splashes, or infectious type materials, full body protective apparel should be part of your clothing regimen. We have access to a phenomenal selection of coveralls, aprons and full body suits to keep you protected- no matter the work environment! Materials range from Tyvek to disposable polyethylene to treated wool and rubber-type materials. To learn more about our ANSI and FDA certified protective apparel products- we can provide pricing for individual suits to full cases, call us today!


  • Liquid & Particle Protection Coveralls- Hooded & Booted
  • Tyvek Coveralls- FDA Compliant
  • FDA Compliant Disposable Polyethylene Aprons & Suits
  • Various colored suits to choose from!


3M™, Safety Zone, Proguard®, Honeywell®, Ergodyne Work Gear®, Kimberly-Clark®, Ansell, Memphis Gloves, Glowear®, North®

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