Clothing - Hair Nets, Bouffants, Shoe Covers

Clothing - Hair Nets, Bouffants, Shoe Covers

We have an excellent line of various hair nets, bouffant and shoe covers for your workplace.  Materials range from disposable polypropylene sleeves & shoe covers to nylon hair caps, hair nets & beard caps.   These products are constructed to keep dirt, dust, fluids and other contaminants out of harm’s way.  To learn more about our FDA certified hair, shoe and bouffant products, contact us today!


  • Elastic sleeves- FDA Compliant
  • Nylon hair caps- white or black- FDA Compliant
  • FDA Compliant disposable polypropylene shoe covers
  • Beard caps- white in color and breathable


3M™, Safety Zone, Proguard®, Honeywell®, Genuine Joe®, Kimberly-Clark®

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