Caution & Barricade Films & Tapes

Caution & Barricade Films & Tapes

Caution films and tapes are also known as 'barricade tapes'. Most caution/danger related tapes are provided on 3" wide rolls with the exception of underground tapes, which are 6" wide. Caution tapes come in a variety of colors (usually in yellow with black lettering), but can also be found on solid red rolls with black print, with underground rolls utilizing three colors of rolls (red, green and blue). Caution films are normally comprised of Polyethylene film. Caution tapes are primarily surface printed with various messages for the respective industry and/or designation. Call us today and we'll get you on the right track to providing you with the appropriate caution film or tape for your current needs!


  • Caution Tapes
  • Caution Films
  • Danger Films
  • Solid-Colored & Striped-Colored Films
  • Underground Films (3 different colors/varieties)


3M™, Intertape®, Safety Zone, Intertape®, Shurtape®, Cantech®

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